The Design process is one of many that are of Paramount importance. There are a multitude of questions to ponder prior to arriving at your final decisions and rest assured these are questions that P.T. Ranson will ask during the process.

P.T. Ranson offers the following Design Services:-

  • Site Visit and Detailed Measuring facility.
  • Design consultation and advisory services.
  • Specialist bathroom design & integration.
  • Professional project planning & technical support.
  • ARTICAD image files & technical instructions.
  • Regularly work as integrated part of client design/delivery team.
  • Ability to work from Architects drawings.
  • ARTICAD drawings provide realistic interpretations of our designs giving our clients more confidence in our products enabling us to create more exciting spaces.
    These images and technical drawings not only help our clients to visualise the ideas for their bathroom project, but deliver detailed information and guidance for installers to enable the concept to come to fruition.

PT Ranson Design Services

Details Drawings, 3D Rendered Imaging, 3D Walkthrough

articad 3d bathroom rendered design



Planning Services

In general you don’t have to stick precisely to your bathroom’s original layout, so do experiment a little if there’s space for changes. Think about who is going to use the room and what you want the room to do for you. How can the room benefit the lifestyle of the people that are going to use it?

Installation Services

Finding the right installer is just as important as finding the right bathroom materials. You’ll need someone who you feel absolute confidence in. Some clients have their own installers however some clients require the installation to be undertaken. PT Ranson can provide you with a list of recommended bathroom installers should you require it and your contract would be directly with the installer.

One significant advantage however, is that all of the installers we recommend are familiar with the manufacturers products as well as ongoing support services. We continually monitor the quality of workmanship of our recommended bathroom installers and advise them on quality standards. The installers tend not to be from an individual trade such as an electrician or a plumber however, their own team of tradesmen will undertake the project through to its completion. This adds substantial benefits to the ongoing timescales and the general success and fluidity of the finished project.


articad 3d bathroom rendered design

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