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Why Buy From Us

“Why Buy From Us”....?
Is a question that appears on most ecommerce websites and it basically allows the seller the opportunity to try to convince the buyer to click on the “Buy it now” button.

We expect you have carried out extensive research on the products of interest and you are pretty close to making a purchase which is why you are reading this particular page.

We hope you are impressed with our portfolio of renowned and reputable brands along with the general content of our website however it is merely an extension to the P.T. Ranson showroom where we are able to guide clients through the intricate and sometimes difficult process of designing and purchasing a new bathroom.

This is executed with real honesty and great integrity at all times and we continue with this ethos when selecting specialist couriers to partner us logistically. This entire aside, the question remains unanswered..........”Why Buy from us”?

  • We Care!
  • We Actually Care!
  • No........Seriously, We Actually Do Care!

We could list the obvious and endless benefits of purchasing your products from us here at P.T. Ranson such as:

Secure online payments though Card Save Secure Payment Gateway or through PayPal. Quick reliable and efficient UPS or Parcel Force deliveries - so on and so forth, but that is not the mainstay of what we do.

We have spent 15 years securing partnerships with the brands that we enjoy today, enabling us to offer not only genuine quality products at competitive prices, but to also ensure the longevity of these products is covered by a genuine manufacturers guarantee followed by a delivery service by a genuine logistics specialists.

All of this coupled with the added bonus of simple and more importantly secure online payments, leaves us to consider why the underlying question remains as “Why Buy From Us”?, when realistically shouldn’t it be “Why Wouldn’t You Buy From Us”?.

Go on........Click the button and “Buy it now”!


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